Liberate You™ - Unleash Your Inner Power

Jump into a journey of 8 steps and liberate yourself, with #1 bestselling author Dr Sandra Westland.

Course Summary

Liberate You™ and Unleash Your Inner Power!

Dr Sandra Westland shows you how to unlock the incredible potential you have as a woman, gain greater confidence and self-belief and live your life to the fullest. In this audio programme Sandra reveals a step by step process that frees you from all the inner blocks holding you back in your life. You can awaken your potential, find out just what it is that you want out of life, and gain the confidence to make it happen.

In this 8 Step program you will ...

    • > Discover Your Hidden Talents – To Thrive and Play a Bigger Game
    • > Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs – To Break Free and Personally Grow Exponentially
    • > Enhance the Feminine Leader Within to Confidently Communicate and Strengthen Your Powerful Presence
    • > Restore Your Natural Vibrancy - to Boldly Live Your Life and Create Your Future
    • > Live Life Balanced, Present, and Stress Free

After absorbing Sandra’s personal development strategies in this program, you can become energized, excited, and able to make profound changes, both personally and professionally.

You'll learn from over 5 HOURS of audio downloads and Workbook ...

    • > Specifics on how to control your mind to create the desired outcome – no matter the current circumstance at hand
    • > How to apply this 7-level alignment technique and this almost immediately stops procrastination and creates new passion, more energy, and unending drive
    • > How to completely eliminate an unwanted behaviour and harness the power to take charge of your life 3 powerful strategies to operate at optimum performance – even if you are having a bad day at work
    • > Two clues to notice that will instantly give you added leverage to influence the person to whom you are talking eliminate fear, meet challenges head on, face setbacks, and experience fun all at the same time when you use this simple method

And so much more…

Sandra is an educator, bestselling author of 4 books, doctoral trained psychotherapist and coach, and successful businesswoman with over 25 years of experience in helping people become all they can be. She holds advanced qualifications in many approaches to psychological development, including NLP and Hypno-psychotherapy and has trained and coached people across 3 continents.

Her straightforward approach to personal development helps women penetrate the invisible force that prevents them from rising further and reaching higher fulfilment in every area of their life. Here's what people have been saying about Liberate You™

“This program takes you on an incredible journey of self-discovery. As an ex Business Director I wish this had been written 10 years ago, to have helped me clarify in a clear and practical way, each step to take in getting to the top!”
Karen Francis, Mind and Behavioural Expert - Surrey

“Sandra's program represents a ‘must read’ for women from all walks of life, who have ever questioned their meaning in life, and craved for the help to make changes for the better. It’s all here … all the tools you need to smash the glass ceiling, and reach your true potential!”

Tina Tilmouth, Bestselling Author, Teacher and Therapist - Powys

"Sandra has beautifully crafted a truly inspirational program which is a must for women everywhere. Irrespective of your background, history or your current positioning on the employment ladder, Sandra will be by your side every step of the way guiding you through the principals of change so you can smash your glass ceiling. This program will challenge you to your core by confronting long held negative beliefs, your anxieties, what you value, how it is to be you as a woman, here and now in the present, and how these are contributing to holding you back from what you ultimately desire."

Teresa Woods, Senior Account Underwriter – Suffolk

"In these days when, sadly, women are still underrepresented in so many fields and particularly at higher levels in almost all walks of life, this program should prove invaluable. For women who are striving to break through that glass ceiling and fulfil their potential, this provides a clear, practical and accessible path – a guide to help them to see and, most importantly, achieve their aim and to become who they want to be."

Tina Davies, Educator – Suffolk

Get started now and let Sandra help you Unleash Your Inner Power!

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Course Curriculum

Dr Sandra Westland

Karen Francis

Mind and Behavioural Expert

“This program takes you on an incredible journey of self-discovery. As an ex Business Director I wish this had been written 10 years ago, to have helped me clarify in a clear and practical way, each step to take in getting to the top!”

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